The regular meetings are held on every Saturday and volunteers are organizing practice sessions on Sundays (holidays) and weekdays.

1. Regular Club meeting:

Every Saturday     8:00~10:00(October to April

       7:30~9:30 (May to September

Meeting Point: Urayasu City Takasu Park

The general members are mainly practice the list of trainings from an exclusive coach and practice running independently based on individuals running capacity. 

Elementary and junior high school students (Turtles) member practices under the guidance of an adult member. Parents are also participating.

○It is also a place to liaise with club members, regular meetings and exchanging mutual information.

General Member’s training scene    

Turtles training scene

2. Volunteer Member organized free training sessions:

①Sunday Morning Practice

Every SundayHoliday    8:00~( December mid of April    )

          7:00~( Mid of April November    )
Meeting Point: Urayasu General Sports Park Gate Maihama     

   or Urayasu General ParkHinode


Practice tracks: The long distances courses like Seishinchou Course(20 km), Wakasu links Course (25 km), Odaiba Course (30 km) and so on tracks are selected to run with comfort and safe. 


After the regular practice, members participate focused on Long Slow Distance (LSD) for 2~4 hours, and during the peak season for races fun run are organised at Urayasu General Park. Sometimes cross-country training is also organized. It becomes an ideal place to practice for an ultra marathon runner.

②Tuesday Morning Practice

Every week Tuesday     9:00〜11:00
Meeting Point: Urayasu General Sports Park Gate (Maihama)

Mainly enjoy jogging with friends around Tokyo Disney Resort area and Kasai Rinkai Park in the early morning.


Wednesday Morning Practice Bay Coast

Every week Wednesday    6:00~
Meeting Point: Urayasu General Sports Park in front of bare tennis court near parking area exit

Mainly enjoy running with friends around Tokyo Disney Resort area in the early morning and、after disperse everyone go to their job.


3. Long Distance Running Scheme

① 5 hours running subjected to self-interest(Kasai Rinkai Park, Get-together: in May)

② 8 hours running (Urayasu City General Park, Get-together: in July~October)