History of Urayasu Runners Club

Year    Main Events    

       Urayasu Runners Club(URC) was foundedMr. Seino Masanori became the first president in December

The begining of excahnge with Orlando Runners Club (ORC)  

1995   Began full-scale activities (38 members)        
1996   Became a sister club of Orlando Runners Club (ORC) (65 members)     
1997   Creating the first Club logo      
1998   Members more than 60    
1999   To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Orlando Runners Club became sister club, gave a magnificient reception for the 23 members from ORC, Florida, USA    

      Regitered in Urayasu Social Education related Organisation


Preparing Club Home Page    


Won a special award from Urayasu marathon executive committee chairman (Urayasu mayor) to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Urayasu municipal government. 

Club Home Page was formally announced.  


Members more than 100, Events arranged to celebrate the 10th anniversary of URC.

On volunteer basis「Hot Hot 100km(Urayasu, Maiahama~Hakone, Yumoto)」Started

Registered Urayasu Runners Club in Japan track-and-field league.


Club turned 10 years old.

10 anniversary of the magazine「Run through the 10 years」was published


Turtles(elementary and middle school student members and their parents)activity started.

10th Anniversary Orlando Tour(14 members and 2 family member)


Current Club Uniform(T-shirt)was designed.

Current Club Logo was created

2009   More than 180 members
2010   More than 200 members    

20th anniversary for URC 20th, 20th anniversary commemorative bench coat was made.

Renovate the club homepage which helps to communicate among members, public relations activities, also supports the applicant for membership.